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Congratulations to our winner, Shane Staats!

Thank you all for supporting the scholarship!

As we head into warmer weather, we decided to make our first raffle for an exciting item. You've all seen the Morris Minor at the shop last year (pictured below) - we are raffling this vessel for the Mark A Carota Scholarship. Cruise around the lake with class, be the envy of your friends, and help support local students pursuing higher education in the automotive field, all in Mark A Carota Sr.'s honor.

Note: While the raffle is specifically for the Morris Minor, the winner can opt for a payment of $5,000 instead -- the Morris Minor would then be available again in a future raffle.

Raffle tickets for this vehicle are $100 each, or three tickets for $250. A maximum of 300 tickets will be sold. The raffle begins April 5th, 2021 with a drawing date to be announced. Tickets can be purchased with cash or check at Mark's Automotive at 1019 Route 146, Clifton Park.

Additionally, Venmo payments can be sent to @Jyllian-Carota until 250 tickets have sold, at which point only in-person sales will continue. When donating through Venmo PLEASE leave a contact number, or send us an email afterwards at so we can set aside your ticket and reach out to you if you win.

Proceeds will support the scholarship.

Thanks again for all your continuing support!